Latvian Breaking Crew Championship 2024

20.01 - 21.01 11:00

Latvian Breaking Crew Championship - 2024

Open to foreign breaking Crews!

First Day: 20.01.2024 (Saturday)

▶️ CREW BATTLES categories (without age limits):

✅️ First steps (dance experience from September and preschool age)
✅️ Beginners (dance experience up to 1-2 years)
✅️ Open / Semipro category (dancers with experience) 
✅️ Pro category (professional dancers who are ready to fight for the title of the strongest Crew in Latvia)

* Number of Crew members 5 – 7 bboys/bgirls

▶️ SHOWCASES categories (without age limits):

✅️  First steps, Beginners, Open, Pro.
* The organizers reserve the right to combine categories depending on the number of Crews registered.

* Number of Crew members - from 5 dancers.

* Showcase duration 2,5 till 5 min.

* Music must be sent by email: [email protected].


The fight takes place in a cypher, everyone can participate, there will be a special surface that is soft enough and at the same time also slippery. Participants are invited to show their best tricks (power moves, acrobatics, freezes). After 20-30 minutes of cypher, the judges choose the 2 strongest who immediately fight for 1 place.

* Best trick category – without participant’s fee.

▶️  Funky DJ Elegant

▶️  Host: MC Fisha

✅️ MAFONE | Motion bang / Latvia
✅️ IZANAMI I Baza dance / Latvia
✅️ TBA

  • Registration from, warm up 11:00
  • Start 12:00, Duration of the event: 11.00-20.00
  • Organizer: Veizana dance school, bboy Yrasic, E.Veizāns
  • Location: Latvia, Riga, Unijas ielā 8, k3
  • Participants fee 15 EUR for battles from person, 10 EUR for Showcase, for both 20 EUR
  • Participants Application form online: https://forms.gle/iLWNmx9a45WckvWr9
  • Application Deadline till: 29.12.2023. 23:59
  • Application from: 30.12.2023. till 11.01.2024. 23:59 participants fee 20 eur for battles and 15 eur for Showcase from person.

Second Day 21.01.2024 (Sunday)

MASTER CLASES from Breaking school “Factory Kingz”:

✅️ 12:00-14:00 Master Class for Semipro, Pro, Coaches from b-boy An-Juicy -
one of the world's leading coaches

✅️ 12:00-14:00 Master Class for beginners from b-bboy Moras -
2023 Latvian breaking champion,

  1. After the event, it is possible to stay overnight by prior application.
  2. The overnight stay takes place at the venue of the event, Riga, Unijas street 8, k3 and k5, in Veizāna dance school.
  3. The fee for an overnight stay is 5 EUR, each person is provided with a comfortable, soft mattress, but you must bring your own sleeping bags.
    Spectators / skatītājiem 5 eur

❤ We will be happy to meet you all!

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